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Carneros Healthcare Management helps physicians and medical practices navigate the complex world of net cost recovery and revenue predictability. 

Providing strategic market access consultation with medical organizations for pharmaceutical, medical equipment & technology procurement. 

Our vision: We aspire to be the nation’s leading healthcare financial management services organization through disrupting and transforming the unnecessary complicated healthcare reimbursement and market access ecosystem.

Our Mission

To enhance income efficiency and achieve stable revenue predictability. With 30+ years of pharma contracting experience and an innovative revenue model, Carneros Healthcare Management (CHM) transforms individual practices, hospitals, and IDN’s. CHM is best positioned to facilitate manufactures pricing strategies that meet the needs of the market.

Our Focus

Reimbursement and insurance coverage changes at a rapid pace in the US Healthcare market. CHM will help community practices and IDNs identify drug or lab products that have either low or falling margins. The Carneros team members have many decades of Life Science Product Manufacturing purchasing methods, finance procedures and contracting knowhow. As your practice contracted management agents, we will improve revenue generation and consistency for your practice.

Medically Integrated Dispensing is an important revenue generation opportunity for community practices. CHM can help you develop a strategy to create an MID or improve pull-through and revenue generation for your organization through your current MID. This includes both negotiating pricing in this class of trade with manufacturers and identifying opportunities to improve pull-through for community practices and IDNs.

CHM has developed a data analytics platform that will give our customers more insight into the productivity of pulling through formulary changes and decisions, maximizing physician productivity, and reducing specialty pharmacy leakage. CHM will simplify the office management of ever-changing data points and volumes of information into actionable insights.

CHM offers strategic consultative services for manufacturers to guide manufacturers on best practices and strategies that make their products atractive to community practices, hospitals, and IDNs. This includes proactively developing pricing agreements, price protection, and supply guarantees that we can align with targeted practice profiles and Carneros customers. Our goal is to proactively identify opportunities in low-margin classes to drive value for CHM customers, including branded, generic, and biosimilar drug classes, as well as lab and supply opportunities.

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Our Testimonials

What providers in our network had to say about working with Carneros Healthcare Management. We are the talk of the industry and we will be sharing more customer feedback soon!

“We know that we are not well represented at the negotiating table with Pharma. Carneros was able to secure several contracting opportunities that I did not know were available to our practice”

Oncology Office Central United States, Oncology Office Central United States

“I was not aware that I could reduce my expenditure on Buy and Bill products by this amount” Carneros was able to get pricing that my team was not able to secure!

Regional Health Plan, Regional Health Plan